SECOND CIRCLE – cover art
29 Novembre 2020
Al White aka CRUD – flyers
17 Settembre 2020

Evan Crankshaw

Missouri artist EVAN CRANKSHAW is responsible for the majority of the artwork of DISCREPANT records.His love for Exoticism and Collage technique fit naturally with the label vision.We had a little chat about this :
I included 4 images from my new book, Atlas of Discovery, which is in-progress. No one has seen them really so I thought it would be fun to put some images out there.
There are also 4 sections from my collage book, Expedition, several years old now but one of the things that helped Discrepant and I get on each other's radar;
Here's a bit of a statement on my relationship with Discrepant that touches slightly on collage.
Gonçalo contacted me in 2015 – I had just self-published my collage book, Expedition, and MIKE COOPER had been a big supporter during that process. Mike is an incredibly generous and kind person, and he and I share a passionate interest in art that mounts a sophisticated response to exoticism or exotica ; he mentioned my work to Gonçalo and Gonçalo asked me to do the art for one of his own releases on the Discrepant label, Visions Congo. It was a wonderful fit – the album is a collage of field recordings taken on location and snippets from media that dealt with conceptions of the Congo region, with a really breathtaking stereo-soundstage, so it really had this effect of being an aural panoramic collage that functioned both as a modern, artful bit of armchair travel and a kind of critique of that very exoticist urge. Following that, I was very lucky to be asked to do the art for a Mike Cooper release on Discrepant, the really sublime live recordings that became Reluctant Swimmer / Virtual Surfer. Mike is a legend and a light so that was a high point and an incredible privilege, very early on.  The next thing we did was a Dead Mauriacs LP. If I have the story straight I believe Olivier Prieur of The Dead Mauriacs requested me for the art before he even knew I'd already been doing work for Gonçalo. Which is not to boast, he and I knew of each other fairly well by that point – his incredible work and "exotica concréte" method couldn't be more in line with my own thinking on exotica as both a material and a subject, and we'd been in mutual admiration for some time at least – but just to underline a happy moment when it became very clear we were all comrades of a certain sensibility, and it made sense for us to be working together. Those were the first three, and we've done more than a few since then. Everything Discrepant releases is adventurous and interesting so it's always a great pleasure to be a part of realizing the visual aspect. .”