14 Gennaio 2021
SECOND CIRCLE – cover art
29 Novembre 2020

Leo Marsal

French illustrator LEO MARSAL is in charge of Lyon label HARD FIST
Leo likes drawing the body by dehumanizing it, making perversion a mythology, fantasy an aesthetic. With his mastery of line drawing, experimenting with video, and animation, he delivers an art like the twists and turns of his mind, funny, by turns dreamlike and full of vices.
He wishes to remain uncluttered, true to himself but constantly to question himself as well in new subjects / projects or by collaborating with new artists.

HARD FIST founders Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï told us about this collaboration :

We get lucky when we start the project by finding Sherre Domingo who has been the illustrator of our 7 first releases.She definitely co-build the identity of the label with us, she done a wonderful job by creating a whole universe around the label with their own characters and mystical codes.  When we stopped this collaboration, it was a big challenge to find someone to follow, it was super important to remain recognizable for our audience, but it was necessary to totally give “Carte Blanche” to a new artist with a strong identity. Fortunately, we discover Leo Marsal who now takes care of our artworks for the upcoming releases and who was the man to take up this challenge.He keeps our codes including great monochromic colors.
Like every religions, Hard Fist get his own mystical references, his own fictitious characters, secret codes, suggested messages and metaphors.


Here a video Leo did for Berlin psychedelic rock band Perilymph