THE CARETAKER – cover art
11 Maggio 2021

@ Theo Ellsworth

Astral Industries is a London based electronic music label.
Used to bring old and future classics to the vinyl format for the first time. With contrbutors like Deepchord, Wolfgang Voigt, The Chi Factory, Atom™, Monolake, The Humble Bee, Son of Chi and many more....
The quality of the music, the pressings & the artwork are beyond compare.
All the visual identity is imagined by Theo Ellsworth, a US self-taught artist and comics creator best known for his graphic novels.

Founder Ario Farahani says :

“Actually there was no grand plan - I was digging in a record shop just before I started the label and came across Theo's artwork for Flying Lotus' 'Pattern+Grid World EP'. It was so unique, beautiful and I liked that it was organic and hand-made, clearly with so much love. It was an exact fit with what I wanted to have for the artwork on my new label and I knew I could trust Theo entirely with it.
So I sent him a message, explained what I wanted to do, and thankfully his response was positive - I'm not sure Astral Industries would be Astral Industries without him really, we owe him a lot for what he has done for us!”