Luca Lozano – design
21 Febbraio 2021
14 Gennaio 2021


Lucile and Sébastien are teachers of social design in France, and above all, have had this design studio for a few years, where they participate and curate exhibitions focused on the links between design / typography and pedagogy, cartography and social design.

"We like to maintain ambivalent relationships in our work within the images we construct. The search for a precarious balance between concrete and abstract, systemic and organic, allows the fragile conditions of the poetic to emerge.
Our identity as designers is based on this. By these two terms, one abstract, the other concrete, Structure Batons doubly evokes our need to construct meaning and the need for this to reduce things in order to understand, transpose, translate and abstract them.
The notion of structure refers to an architectural form, a model that creates a link between different elements to form something larger. The structure is a simple form that serves both the construction of a project and the constitution of deduced and synthesized knowledge.
The stick is a concrete vernacular analogy. We evoke this rectilinear segment of wood - which is sometimes used as a spear, sometimes as a drawing tool - to speak of a straight line connecting a point A to a point B. The writings sticks are simple letters reduced to their fundamental structure, their skeleton.
Regarding our interest in music, we like to be surprised. This is why we are fond of projects in which we believe we can detect a form of youthful energy. We particularly appreciate labels like Dekorder, Lily Record, Lullabies for Insomniacs or DELODIO. We have not yet produced a lot of artwork to support the work of artists. We only have three covers to our credit, including two for Knekelhuis which is a label that we find very cool. We also work with Low Bat for whom we made many flyers and posters."