MUSLIMGAUZE – cover art
12 Marzo 2021
27 Gennaio 2021

Luca Lozano

“There are a few words that spring to mind when thinking about my work; DIY, outsider, rough, raw, bold…”
Lucas Hunter, aka Luca Lozano is a Producer/DJ, having put out releases on Optimo Trax, Sex Tags UFO and Klasse Wrecks,that he runs while overseeing his imprints Grafiti Tapes and Zodiac44. Crucially, he’s in charge of the graphic design for all three labels, creating artwork under the name Planet Luke.
He researches type by digging weird record shops as well as taking pictures of street signs and storefronts.Recopying things, scanning things, giving things a bit of an analogue edge.
“I try and use stuff that’s not so pre-packed and readily available, stuff that’s not done by a designer, stuff that’s just done by a normal guy who wants to advertise that they’re selling ice cream for two euros, stuff that’s not intentional, it’s all accidental.”
“I also realised that all my favourite labels are the ones that keep it exactly the same for every release.If you look at a Trax release you know it’s a Trax release. If you look at a Strictly Rhythm release you know immediately it’s a Strictly Rhythm release.”
One of Hunter’s biggest all-round influences is Ian MacKaye, the architect of Washington’s 1980s hardcore punk scene and the founder of bands like Minor Threat and Fugazi.
“I was looking a lot at the style of hardcore punk flyers, homemade imagery that used the photocopier heavily. I had been a skateboarder since my early teens and the visual side of that sub-culture was a huge influence on me.”