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Azu Tiwaline – interview

17 Dicembre 2020
Fazer Drums – Azu Tiwaline rework
16 Dicembre 2020
Lyckle De Jong
19 Dicembre 2020

AZU TIWALINE . What does that mean?
Quite difficult to translate but it could mean "WIND'S EYES"
Which term do you prefer to be associated with your music?
Amazigh,Sahara,Berber or maybe Transe ?
I prefer Transe because it is more universal. Even if I'm a lot influenced by North African with Amazigh culture, in fact, all transe cultures are resonating in me.
What instruments do you use or sample?
I use a lot of rhythm instruments like Tabl and Qraqeb which you can find in Stambeli music (traditional music from South Tunisia). Derbouka also for sure. Tombak (persian drum) when I play with Cinna Peyghamy, my sound mate. I love daf (persian), taiko (japanese) too.... And I make some fields recordings of nature around me, trying also to find some nice and interessant textures with scratching, rubbing and so on


Where are you from and where do you live?
I'm half tunisian and cambodian. I grew up in Ivory Coast, studied in France. And now I live in the south of Tunisia, in the Sahara desert, where I take care of the little paradise my mother had left me.
Africa is a territory to explore endlessly.There are so many beautiful places where I live, but the one I prefer is el Chott El Djerid. I live just 3 kms away. And this place fills me with happiness, calm and serenity.
it is an ancient sea which has given way to a desert of salt, flat, to infinity. And there is a small place, not far, Sidi Bouhlel, where a marabout lives. This place is especially perfect for meditating.
There are powerful sweet energies.

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