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28 Marzo 2023
6 Marzo 2023
PAUL ST. HILAIRE – tikiman vol.1
26 Aprile 2023

We just found out a new extraordinary project.
A new surprising reissue label run by two young kids in London.
We had the pleasure to talk with Will Bradbury and Alastair Brook.



"We started the label to indulge in our shared interest in the development of music and in particular, the influence of technology and electronic instruments on popular music.
Will have worked in music for nearly 10 years and run another dance-focused label called Control Freak Recordings, whilst Alastair is a historian by training and serious record collector - we grew up together in Hong Kong and have always shared a lot of music with each other, so this project is almost a continuation of that.

Our vision for the label is very broad - We really admire labels like Stroom, Music From Memory etc, which seem to have no fixed genre or sound but some thread which links everything together, as well as a high level of care and attention to telling the story of each release.

It's a very personal project, so we are taking it one release at a time.
All we are hoping to do with the reissues is give releases a new lease of life and introduce them to a new audience. I would love to release some new music too in the near future.

My favourite aspect of doing this is definitely the pleasure of working with each artist. We've been able to meet all of them in person on at least one occasion (even Janos & Mark Pan American when they were over from Hungary / the US respectively). It's been much easier than working with artists who haven't had a career yet, who haven't had their ego's tamed yet.

I think everyone has commented on how young we are, finding it surprising that a pair of 20-somethings are interested in the music they were making 30 years ago.
Behind the scenes too it's been great to get to utilise Frank Merritt (The Carvery), who's studio is incredible and approach as a mastering engineer is unparalleled. "

‘In Daylight Dub’ collects some of his rarest studio excursions, ones marrying his post-rock past with a newfound interest in the German dub techno scene, as well as the rougher edges of Seefeel and other 90s IDM.

Trance Balance is the brainchild of acclaimed composer János Másik and began its life in Budapest’s bustling street theatre scene. Post-punk/new wave gem from Hungary, which has been restored and remastered by Frank Merritt at Carvery studio, London.

We have had the pleasure of working closely with acclaimed author, musician and two-time art school drop out David Toop, who has been at the forefront of ambient music and free improvisation since the 1970s.

A big thanks to everyone who's worked on it and especially to these two gents for launching our humble imprint with this gem.