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CANVO – montjuic

16 Marzo 2021
10 Marzo 2021
John Zieman – New York City 1980-1984
17 Marzo 2021

Recently Dutch genius producer PALMBOMEN had the idea to start a label that allows him to get deeper into not only his own projects, but those of his friends too.
WORLD OF PAINT label will be his playground to explore and create art around albums.
New artist is CANVO, a Peruvian musician who developped his style of vaporwave songwriting in Lima and also Barcelona, where he moved later in life. Inspired by the Barcelona Montjuic sites, built for the 1992 Olympic games, he wrote a mini album named after this area in 2020.


"I am Jose, also known as Canvo and I was born in 1987 in the suburbs in Lima, Peru. This was a very musical environment, so I was a musical child. I came from rock, and to me, to start making electronic music in my twenties was a big leap, to let go that love for distorted guitars and to learn to love the classic sounds from drum machines. At a later point I moved to Barcelona and there the musical scene is, at the moment, ‘nonexistent’. It's not the kind of place that enjoys this kind of ‘Lo-fi’ or ‘Vaporwave’ music very much. Nonetheless this is not bad for me, on the contrary, I like to nourish the nineties nostalgia that invades some places of the city, the context or the architecture and some other natural places where you can feel closer to the planet. At the end of 2019, I lived a season next to the beach, away from the city, each time I took the train to Barcelona I tried to go to a place that reminded me of what I went through as a kid, the amazing feeling of being a 10-year-old and feel everything around you, with all the freedom in the world and nothing to worry about. To see those aesthetics, made me want to capture what I felt. That’s how it started the sound of the EP, like a musical picture. Some other influences are: Claude Debussy, Gustavo Cerati, Joey Ramone, Piero de Benedictis and Paco de Lucia.
In my music, even though most of the songs are instrumental, there are some recurrent concepts that always have my back, like the inner exploration or being true to yourself. Also, the nostalgia of the unknown. Aesthetically the mission is always to make you travel with my music to places that you can’t explain, but they seem familiar."