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9 Dicembre 2020
Geoffrey Burton – interview
1 Dicembre 2020
Tunes Of Negation – Like The Stars Forever And Ever
10 Dicembre 2020

new concept odd work dedicated to extinct animals and human self-destructive behaviours. Including remixes by Dengue Dengue Dengue and Ground, and a special paleolithic artwork from the outer space by Léo Marsal


Class of Taxonomy is the second EP by Italian producer A-Tweed , a new concept odd work dedicated to extinct animals and human self-destructive behaviours. Each track of the EP is inspired by three different extinct animals : Plesiosaurus, Dodo and Quagga
Opening track "Plesiosaurus Social Security" reflect A-Tweed's passion for Scottish Highlands foggy landscapes and tribalism. Could that Plesiosaurus be "Nessie" from Loch Ness? Maybe...
"Dodo Crash Report", which can also count on an impressive and astonishing remix by Peruvian/Berlin duo Dengue Dengue Dengue,
is a metallic wonky arp tune dedicated to Mauritian extinct bird dodo.
Quagga, South-African zebra extinct in 1883, get its revenge in third track "Zebra Xing" with eerie organic and drum samples and spooky melodies has the purpose of make reflect about human being role in ambiental and zoological disasters.
This track is also remixed by gifted Japanese Ground from Osaka based label Chill Mountain.
Such a good way to close this "acid weird slow disco" EP.


DRUMS and CHANTS was born during the first lockdown in march, thinking about fauna repopulation and humans confined and punished from loss of Earth’s natural life…
Luckily MUSIC should save some of us !

A-Tweed had this same feeling seeking out prehistoric animals and inventing dreamy ones to compose this weird paleolithic tribal ep

LEO MARSAL, artwork responsible, says :

Antonio had given me some background instructions and elements to introduce for the cover. He wanted an atmosphere: fossil, extinction of dinosaurs, volcano etc. He especially wanted me to add Plesiosaurs (his favorite dinosaur I guess).
I really enjoyed this collaboration, I already had these instructions but he mostly trusted me and he liked my drawings beforehand that I had done for the label, I had carte blanche, and especially his confidence. it was nice to surprise him. I really enjoyed feeding on these influences to digest them and come up with a cover that looked like both of us.

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