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EYE : honolulu/saigon

3 Ottobre 2023
PAUL ST. HILAIRE – tikiman vol.1
26 Aprile 2023

“rustic ballads on acid”


Knekelhuis records have a new record coming up, at the tail end of the European summer. Laurène Exposito releases her 3rd album on the label. Honolulu/Saigon is a collage of unreleased material, and previously cassette-only released work. Songs that go back to the era of Sabine and ties in wonderfully with Laurène’s previous work. She performed these tracks back in the day. For sure a pleasant recognition for some of you.


EYE is a project from EBM and gritty synth-pop French musician Laurène Exposito from Rennes (France), where she runs the intimate label Waving Hands.
On her third album, Exposito looks back to the past, exhuming her best unreleased material and cassette-only work and splicing it together into a coherent session. It's good stuff too, properly rooted in the perennially underrated Disques du Crepescule mode, specifically the influential work of Belgian synth-pop trio Antena. Singing into an echo chamber over wonky synths and uneven vintage drum machine loops, Exposito sounds as if she's unmoored from our current reality, existing in a parallel, punk-utopian 1980s. If her music doesn't sound in line with current production mores, at least it's got heart - something that's too often missing.