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eye cube

2 Marzo 2023
Anime & Manga Synth Pop Soundtracks 1984-1990
28 Novembre 2022
6 Marzo 2023



You cannot speak about electronic music without coming across the name Nicolas Chaix alias I:Cube. As the co-founder of Versatile Records, as part of CHATEAU FLIGHT alongside Gilbert Cohen and as one of FRANCE’s most significant producers Nicolas was responsible for one of Dance Music’s defining tracks, ‘Disco Cubism’.
Furthermore, the Parisian remixed or worked with the most talented artists in his more than two decades lasting career. In a nutshell Nicolas Chaix has dedicated himself to music, and music has found a source to trigger emotions through Nicolas’ work.


I:Cube has made a new album. It is a very “hands on” album, as the eight tracks on show were created almost entirely by improvising with electronic hardware – synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines and effects units – and recorded in real time, with very little after-editing. It is also his first album in a decade, should you be keeping track.
During the time he spent recording it, which was in part inspired by the processes behind his ‘Cubo Live Sessions’ series, I:Cube had fun, experimented, unleashed the raw, primitive energy of his machines, and emptied his head of thought. The resultant tracks are instinctive, immersive and otherworldly, driven by the emotion of the moment rather than the formulaic structures of dance music. They are unpolished and immediate, but also immersive and sincere.


Think of it as a soundtrack to time spent alone in the studio, daydreaming in darkness and light, translating mental and physical messages in real time. It is not calculated, overblown or over-produced like much modern electronic music, but gently odd, engaging and pleasingly rough round the edges. In some ways, it is I:Cube’s most personal and emotional album to date.