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Long Island Electrical Systems

28 Dicembre 2020
19 Dicembre 2020
force majeure
5 Gennaio 2021

IUEKE - les souper des cendres


Based in Brooklyn, the L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems) label specializes in a left-field brand of House that is rooted in minimal wave synth “pop” and avant garde noise.The label has set itself apart by embracing a virtually anonymous brand identity. By simply differentiating each release strictly by label color with the same industrial grade font and a series of limited press white (and black) label 12″s, all in non-descript sleeves, they’ve taken a decidedly lo-fi approach that is rooted in early Detroit and Chicago House and New York punk.
Parisian veteran GWEN JAMOIS aka IUEKE is an experimental music pioneer, rare vinyl oddities dealer and co-founder of Antinote records.
This time he delivers an absolutely uncatagorizable two tracker. Two long form tracks, original and dub version of dramatic ascending heavy beat electronics. If "Altered States" was released today, maybe it would sound like this. Informed just as much by house music as it is from bizarre synth abstractions this is equally soul crushing and uplifting coming from the guts of a true gem in the deep electronic music world. Absolute and total commitment to pushing it to the edge!