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10 Maggio 2022
TAGLIABUE “cosmic network”
4 Aprile 2022
MURRAY COLLIER – interview
12 Maggio 2022

‘an introduction to contemporary psychedelic music’


Two years after their last V/A, BAMBOO SHOWS is back with the first opus of their ‘Vapordub’ imprint series. Another artifact rising from the depths of the leftfield music scene, this time focused on contemporary psychedelics. Highly inspired by the textures of the vaporwave sonic aesthetic, our 16-track compilation displays in turns intriguing sound design, graceful synths from a new age, weird exotics and psychoactive slow-dubs.

Published on a 2x 12” gatefold-vinyl-bundle, including marbled &-transparent waxes and a mesmerizing combination between Vica Pacheco’s artwork and Romain Guillo’s design.

In memory of Charles Markarian.


Run from Lyon by Erevan DJ and active since 2018, BAMBOO SHOWS is a Label, podcast series and parties to promote audio sophrology, 90's reminiscences, psychedelic atmospheres and exotic breaks.
This 2x 12" vinyl compilation is focused on contemporary psychedelic music. Designed to please either curious or skilled ears, our various paves the way for a 90-minute mind wandering in distant, fantasized realms. Featuring renowned international artists, up and coming French projects and obscure aliases in the likes of A Strange Wedding & Camille Claire Olympie, Alieno deBootes, Babau, Bouti, Dean O’Brien Resorts, Dylan Henner, Georgia, Giant Grouper, Herbarium, Horn Chants, Jonnnah, Naomie Klaus, Nuke Watch, Polonius, Salamanda and Vica Pacheco.