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Mana – Asa Nisi Masa

18 Maggio 2020
25 Aprile 2020
20 Giugno 2020

„MANA - ASA NISI MASA - Hyperdub records”


New album from Turin innovative producer Daniele MANA. What was supposed to be an EP became a digital long playing during the lockdown period.
“During these months I wanted to clear my mind a bit and express more joy and playfulness in my music. The result is less dark than my previous release on Hyperdub. Several times I thought about kids having fun.So it was natural to me to remind the children playing naturally in my favorite film of all times Federico Fellini 8 1/2.” .


The title Asa nisi masa is the mysterious expression spelled in the crucial moment of the movie. The children are supposed to be falling asleep, one of them declares that the eyes in a painting on the wall can be made to move by reciting the phrase. By tying together distant past with present, the viewer is reminded that our adult motivations are never far from our childhood desires.

Here‘ s a list of avant garde italian musicians that inspired MANA for that album:

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