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the sorry best of CEPREN SYNTH

4 Novembre 2021
AWOHA press
20 Settembre 2021
NR / MA – shinkai
6 Novembre 2021

UNDO SEAT BELTS is a Brussels based record label. Founded in 2020 locked up at home. Created to ease the urge to release any kind of music, as long as the spirit goes with it. Responding to any kind of moods, UNDO SEAT BELTS is here to heal you for good.

Delivering you an 8 track album from the french artist ‘Victor Gaudin’ also known as ‘Cepren Synth’ The album contains, 5 years of unreleased tracks from ‘L’oiseau Blue’, Brussels and ‘168 Cours De La Marne’, Bordeaux. All tracks are written by Victor Gaudin and live recorded at home.

No edits, no cuts, no reasons as freedom is a distant memory.