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Romeo Poirier

20 Settembre 2020
Koraal – La Casa Del Volcan
19 Settembre 2020
Patrick Cowley – Some Funkettes
23 Settembre 2020

„Music led me to become a lifeguard and not the reverse”


"I love watching people entering and going out of water, seeing their twisting behaviors in the waterfront zone.I'm more interested in this transition than in the aquatic nature in itself.Music led me to become a lifeguard and not the reverse.I wanted to observe swimmers reactions directly and try to understand their own fantasies."
Romeo Poirier discovered years ago the work of Michel Redolfi,a pioneer of subaquatic music,he invested in special audio equipment and start to test it in his home bathroom.
This new album takes us to a coastline in flux, continuously reconfigured by the movement of water and those that inhabit its space. To arrive at a place is to set its unique music in motion, he tells us, one need only to listen, in silent intensity, to what is there, without looking for any meaning. Romeo Poirier invites us for a stay at the Hôtel Nota ,a musical territory whose many textures compose a space of intimate temporality for each listener.


Some visual souvenirs from my Transition point of view :