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O.G. JIGG & FRIENDS – Originals / Remixes

24 Settembre 2020
Patrick Cowley – Some Funkettes
23 Settembre 2020
Josiah Steinbrick – Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue
1 Ottobre 2020

„O.G. JIGG & FRIENDS - Original / Remixes”


O.G. Jigg is 67 years old. He lives alone. He is overweight, with a healthy white-grey beard. What hair he has grows in long wisps about his head. He wears small, round glasses with gold frames. He has ink-stained fingers. He is most commonly seen wearing a dark maroon, quilted satin dressing gown over green corduroy trousers, carrying a crystal glass of whiskey. His breath smells like a dog's arse. He is very friendly though. A bridge between past and future, between cultures and traditions


Memotone presents O.G. Jigg & Friends. 12 Original tracks backed by 10 remixes from an otherworldly line-up of artists, including J.Tripp (Georgia), D.K., Wojciech Rusin, U, Iceman Junglist Kru, Best Available Technology, Mars89, Robin Stewart (Giant Swan), Jackson Viel Panther (Avon Terror Corps) and unperson.