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Josiah Steinbrick – Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue

1 Ottobre 2020
O.G. JIGG & FRIENDS – Originals / Remixes
24 Settembre 2020
Rammellzee & K-Rob – Beat bop
1 Ottobre 2020

„Josiah Steinbrick is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer based in Los Angeles, California.”


Following the 2019 Hands In The Dark re-issue of Josiah Steinbrick’s debut solo recording, the Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer returns with Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue, to be jointly released on the 18th of September with his Full Bloom imprint.
A vibrant collection of cinematic pieces that drape tapestries of FM synthesis and percussion around serpentine bass lines, the album unfolds like a rapturous dream. Hushed laments, ecstatic rhythms, and hypnotic arrangements induce a state of reverie, where boundaries dissolve between fading memories, illusions, and the hyper-real.
Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue is a potent creative offering, and marks a breakthrough in Steinbrick’s personal approach to the studio.
Josiah Steinbrick is a producer, adept at many instruments, and generally an artist for whom the world music seems to be a comfortable second home. He has recorded with and produced for a variety of artists ranging from Devendra Banhart to Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Cover artwork & lettering by Adam Tullie / Text design by Sam Gendel / Art direction by Josiah Steinbrick, A. Tullie, and S. Gendel.
Josiah Steinbrick is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Steinbrick’s multitracking his own instrumentation, making it a fully solo project.

Sound sources:
Juno 106


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