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THE PERSON – tide life

28 Febbraio 2021
THE PERSON Minna Wight words
28 Febbraio 2021
2 Marzo 2021

"A lot of songs were inspired as I worked my way through Black Winny patches"


The wonderful GROWING BIN records re-release 2018 THE PERSON tape 'Tide Life' as a vinyl LP.
Freshly mastered with some brand new bonus material. Now 11 minutes longer!! That's an extra 40% aural confectionary for your sweet ears!
Melbourne's very own Minna Wight hopes this bulletin finds you well.


After the heaviest of years, it should be time to take a little weight off with the playful sounds of The Person. Mapping its own Bermuda Triangle between dub-pop, sugary synthwave and Balearic boogie, ‘Tide Life’ provides maximum fun, sun and bitmap escapism.
Playing with her own devices, Minna Wight takes a Wave Race from Summer Bay to Monkey Island across 11 cuts of vintage oddball pop.

"I made Tide Life using my friend's sample library that he had created and collected over many years, as well as a liberal dose of 'Dexed', a great DX7 plugin, stocked by the infamous and exhaustive 'Black Winny' library of DX7 patches, and some standard ableton instruments. A lot of songs were inspired as I worked my way through Black Winny patches. The sounds would evoke a mood and a memory - they'd remind me for example of visiting the 'National Geographic' shop to add to my collection of gem stones - the song 'Tigereye' is a reference to this time."