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10 jahre celebration

4 Marzo 2021
2 Marzo 2021
Stu Cisco
8 Marzo 2021

It all started many moons ago during a night at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, where the courage and motivation and most important off all the music was found to start the label. That was 2009.
Fast foward 10+ years you have the most prominent tracks of that specific Düsseldorf based time period on one record.
Including regulars Tolouse Low Trax, Lucas Croon, Young Marco, Bufiman, Mekine U Teksi and Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge.


THEMES FROM GREAT CITIES label founder Arne Bunjes tells us more :

"My initial thought was to make a celebration of the 10 years the label exists and to have a jump on point for all the people coming late to the party. Since I partnered now with Rushhour on distribution and all the back titles out of print what could be better than try to represent all the various styles that came out on one record. And its still on record. For me its the only thing that makes sense.
Its underground music anyway, isn’t it?
So I want to be found by real people, not presented through algorithm.
At one point early in TFGC I searched the web, trying to find new cool sounds and concepts from musical artists. But I realized it will be better to concentrate on the people around me, people I learned to know and love at the one club I regularly went to the last 10 year. Salon des Amateurs. So every Artist is somehow informed through nights there. I really to want to get totally specific about certain sounds or records being played there. Definitely don’t want to over romantize or glorify the place.
Every city can have their salon.
Maybe thats what the compilation stands for. a Motivation. Believing in something. Find a place, meet there with friends and have fun. Be open about music and life and create your own. The rest will follow."