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HARD FIST 7h Tribe Mix

23 Aprile 2021
CV VISION – in time
21 Aprile 2021
10 Maggio 2021

There is only one motto « DANCE OR GET LOST ! »


"La Danse #2 is the second digital compilation of a series from international talented producers we support and love.
Following our heart and taste for mixed influences and creed, here is a tribute to the dance floor mixing together organic works in order to bring new energy in clubs. We hope this second volume will bring back our dance floors to life. From la Danza de los Voladores during Mesoamerican rituals to the Maenads in Greek mythology, dancing is part of social life from the outset, and will always be. Because dancing frees body and mind - because club culture is essential - this compilation series preaches for an uninhibited and uncontrolled dance."


To celebrate this release, the HARD FIST tribe decided to meet on a lockdown sunday in Lyon.

"We recorded a little over 7 hours of mixing. There is a bit of bread (especially at the end after a few beers) but at the same time we played for a long time, with five Djs and frankly the selecta is cool so we are happy anyway"

A huge huge thanks to the all team :

Tushen Raï (Founder and artistic director of Hard Fist records)
Cornelius Doctor (Founder and artistic director of Hard Fist records)
Caro (Label manager of Hard Fist records)
Warum (Dj & crew member)
Neskeh (Dj & Crew member)
Miimo (Dj & Crew Member)